Wood block machine, also known as a wood block making machine, is a mechanical device used in the wood pallet block production line. It can make sawdust, wood shavings, wood pellets, and other biomass materials with a size of less than 5mm into a sturdy sawdust block.

The length and size of the wood blocks can be customized to your needs. Compared to other brands of machines, the Shuliy block pallet machine automatically completes the compression, mold shaping, and cutting processes.

video of pallet block making machine

The wood block machine is designed to take raw materials, typically wood logs or lumber, and process them into finished wood blocks of specific sizes and shapes.

wood block machine
wood block machine

What Are the Benefits of Wood Block Machines?

  • Consistent Quality: The wood block pallet machine ensures uniform compression and molding, resulting in wood blocks with consistent dimensions, shapes, and densities. This uniformity enhances the quality and reliability of the end product.
  • Customizable Block Sizes: Wood block machines can be adjusted to produce wood blocks of various sizes and shapes, meeting the specific requirements of different applications and industries.
  • Versatility: Wood blocks have a wide range of applications, making them versatile across industries. They are used in construction, crafts, furniture, toys, printing, and various artistic and creative projects.
  • Efficient Production: Wood block machines streamline the process of creating wood blocks, increasing production efficiency compared to manual or traditional methods. These machines can produce a large quantity of wood blocks in a relatively short time.
  • Eco-Friendly: Wood blocks are made from renewable and sustainable wood materials, making them an eco-friendly alternative to concrete or plastic-based materials. Using wood blocks contributes to environmental conservation and reduces carbon footprint.
wood block
wood block

Wood Block Machine Configurations and Features

Wood block machines come in various configurations, each tailored to specific production needs. Some machines offer advanced automation features, streamlining the production process and increasing efficiency. The control systems ensure precise compression and consistent quality of the wood blocks. Energy-efficient models are available, reducing operational costs and environmental impact.

The Technical Specification of Wood Block Making Machine

Block density550-600kg/m³
pallet block machine

At Shuliy Charcoal &Wood Machinery, we also have wood block making machines for sale in other models and capacities. If necessary, please feel free to contact us, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

sawdust block machine
sawdust block machine

The Production Capacity of Wood Block Machine

The production capacity of wood block machines varies based on the model and design. Machines can produce a range of wood block sizes and quantities per hour or day. Manufacturers need to choose a machine that matches their production requirements to optimize productivity and meet market demands. At Shuliy Machinery, we have a variety of block pallet machines with different outputs for sale.

control cabinet
control cabinet

How Does Wood Block Machine Work?

The wood block machine operates on the principle of high-temperature and high-pressure compression. It involves the feeding of sawdust, or shavings into the machine, where they undergo a molding process under pressure. This pressure binds the wood particles together, resulting in solid and durable wood blocks. The machine’s heating elements aid in the compression process by softening the wood fibers, facilitating better cohesion.

wood blocks production factory
wood blocks production factory

What Are the Raw Materials for Making Wood Blocks?

The raw materials for making wood blocks can include various types of wood-based materials. Some common raw materials used in the process are:

  • Wood Chips: Wood chips are small pieces of wood that are obtained from chipping or shredding larger wood pieces. They are a common raw material used in wood block production.
  • Sawdust: Sawdust is the fine wood particles and dust that are generated during the cutting or sawing of wood. It is often collected and used as a raw material for making wood blocks.
  • Wood Shavings: Wood shavings are thin and curled pieces of wood that are produced during woodworking processes. They are another commonly used raw material for wood block manufacturing.
  • Wood Offcuts and Scraps: Offcuts and scraps of wood, which are leftover materials from woodworking or construction projects, can also be utilized as raw materials for making wood blocks.
  • Wood Residues: Various wood residues, such as bark, can also be used as raw materials in the wood block production process.

It is important to note that no matter what type of biomass feedstock you have, the feedstock needs to be less than 5mm in size. To achieve this size, you need to use a wood crushing machine to help you

wood chip
wood chip
wood shavings
wood shavings

Sawdust Block Machine Cost and Pricing

The cost and pricing of sawdust block machines depend on several factors, such as production capacity, features, and brand reputation. Evaluating the initial investment versus long-term benefits is crucial in making an informed purchasing decision. High-quality machines may have a higher upfront cost but offer better reliability and lower maintenance expenses.

Applications of Wood Blocks

Wood blocks find extensive applications across various industries. In the construction sector, they are used as an eco-friendly alternative to traditional concrete blocks. Wood blocks are employed in building walls, fences, and retaining structures due to their sustainability and aesthetic appeal. In the crafts and art industry, artists and crafters use wood blocks as raw materials for carving, painting, and creating intricate sculptures. Educational tools and children’s toys often incorporate wood blocks for their non-toxic and eco-friendly properties.

wood blocks
wood blocks

Innovative Applications of Wood Blocks

Beyond traditional uses, wood blocks are finding innovative applications in modern design and architecture. From artistic installations to decorative elements in interior design, wood blocks made by wood block machines offer a unique and natural aesthetic appeal. Their versatility allows for customization, enabling designers and architects to create distinctive and captivating structures.

Wood block machines play a pivotal role in converting wood materials into versatile and eco-friendly wood blocks. These blocks find applications across various industries, offering sustainable solutions and creative possibilities.

Shuliy Charcoal & Wood Machinery stands as a reliable and professional company, providing top-quality wood block machines to meet diverse production needs. Whether for construction, crafts, or any innovative application, Shuliy Charcoal & Wood Machinery is your trusted partner in wood block manufacturing. Contact us today to explore the world of wood block possibilities!