The vertical log peeler works by being equipped with a peeling blade swivel mechanism. As the log enters the machine, the rotating debarking unit comes into contact with the bark and strips it from the wood surface.

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Vertical log peeling machine, also called vertical log peeler or vertical wood debarker. It is a kind of wood processing equipment. Compared with the horizontal double roller wood debarker machine, the machine is placed vertically on the ground. Machines are used to remove bark from logs or tree trunks in a horizontal direction.

log peeler
log peeler

Features of Vertical Log Peeling Machine

  • Horizontal feeding: Logs enter the machine in the horizontal direction, this design can meet the processing needs of horizontal feeding.
  • Vertical design: The machine itself is vertical, which helps to ensure the stability and balance of the equipment to ensure efficient peeling.
  • High Debarking Efficiency: Vertical log peelers typically have high debarking capabilities, removing bark from logs quickly and thoroughly.
  • Applicability: The vertical log peeling machine is suitable for various wood types and logs of different sizes, and adapts to different production requirements

Advantages of Vertical Wood Debarker

The vertical wood debarker offers several advantages. Compared to the double roller wood peeling machine, the vertical design provides a cleaner peeling process, occupies less floor space, and requires lower costs.

It excels in handling a variety of wood species and diameters, making it suitable for specific production needs.

With a processing capacity of up to 10 meters per minute, this machine efficiently meets demands for high-quality wood.

log wood peeling machine
log wood peeling machine

Log Debarker Machine for Sale

ModelCapacityMachine sizePowerSuitable wood diameter
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log debarker machine for sale
log debarker machine for sale

Application of Vertical Wood/Log Peeling Machine

The vertical wood/log peeling machine finds widespread applications in the wood industry, including sawmills, veneer peeling mills, plywood production, and other woodworking operations. Its ability to efficiently remove bark from logs ensures the production of high-quality lumber and wood products.

vertical log debarking machine
vertical log debarking machine

Working Principle of Vertical Log Peeling Machine

The vertical log peeling machine is specifically designed to peel various logs with diameters ranging from 50mm to 320mm and lengths exceeding 500mm. The machine’s unique working principle involves gripping the logs with the front and rear feeding devices, which push the wood forward with the assistance of a conveyor belt.

During this process, a cylindrical drum with sharp blades in the middle section continuously acts on the wood’s surface, causing the bark to fall onto a lower platform. The logs move steadily forward, resulting in exceptional rotary peeling effects and delivering high-quality wood.

peeled wood-2
peeled wood-2

The Difference Between Vertical Wood Peeling Machine and Double Roller Wood Peeling Machine

While both the vertical log debarker machine and the double roller wood peeling machine serve the purpose of debarking wood, they differ in their designs and capabilities. The vertical log debarker machine excels in its rotary peeling effects, cost-effectiveness, and space-saving properties, making it ideal for various wood processing applications. On the other hand, the double roller wood peeling machine offers enhanced processing capacity, making it a preferred choice for large-scale operations.

peeled wood
peeled wood

What Is the Cost of a Log Peeling Machine?

The cost of a log peeling machine can vary depending on factors such as its size, capacity, and features. Shuliy Charcoal and Wood Machinery offers competitive prices and strives to provide cost-effective solutions to customers with various budget requirements. Interested parties can inquire directly with the company to obtain specific pricing details.

Where to Get Free Wood for Woodworking?

As a manufacturer specializing in wood processing equipment, Shuliy Charcoal and Wood Machinery do not directly offer free wood for woodworking. However, individuals and businesses seeking free or low-cost wood can explore alternative options, such as contacting local tree removal services, construction sites, or woodworking communities that may have surplus or reclaimed wood available.

Shuliy Charcoal and Wood Machinery’s vertical log peeling machine provides a valuable solution for wood processing, offering efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and high-quality wood outputs. Whether it’s the rotary peeling effects, space-saving design, or competitive prices, this machine meets the diverse needs of the wood industry. Its applications extend to various woodworking processes, contributing to the production of superior wood products.