Vertical bandsaw mill, also known as a vertical band saw or a vertical bandsaw, is a type of sawmill used to cut logs into plank. Vertical band saws can be adapted to different wood cutting needs. By changing the saw band and adjusting the parameters, the machine can handle a wide range of materials from thin to thick plates.

It is an essential tool for processing large pieces of wood in various industries, including woodworking, construction, and furniture making.

Log Band Saw video

The Features of the Shuliy Vertical Saw Mill

Shuliy vertical saw mill stands out in the market with its advanced features that cater to various wood processing needs. Some of the prominent features include:

  • Robust Construction: The mill is built with sturdy materials, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance even under heavy usage.
  • The machine is suitable for treating wood/logs with a diameter of 80-100cm.
  • Adjustable Cutting Angles: The bandsaw mill offers the flexibility to adjust cutting angles, allowing operators to create custom cuts and shapes.
  • Variable Blade Speed: Shuliy’s vertical bandsaw mill comes with adjustable blade speed, enabling operators to optimize the cutting process for different types of wood.

Vertical Band Sawmill for Sale

Applicable saw blade thickness(mm)
The maximum length of the saw blade(mm)6400690071008300
Sawing diameter(mm)6508509001500
Saw wheel diameter(mm)900100010501250
Saw wheel speed(r/min)750750750650
Machine weight(kg)1100120013002700
parameter of bandsaw mill
vertical band sawmill for sale
vertical band sawmill for sale

Working Principle of the Vertical Bandsaw Mill

The working principle of the vertical bandsaw mill involves a vertically oriented saw blade that moves up and down in a continuous loop. As the log or wood piece is fed into the machine, the blade, made of a narrow band with sharp teeth, gradually cuts through the material. This vertical cutting action allows for precise and efficient cutting, producing smooth and accurate lumber with minimal waste.

vertical bandsaw mill
vertical bandsaw mill

What Are the Types of Sawmill Machines?

Sawmill machines come in various types to cater to different needs. Some common types include:

  • Vertical log band saw: Ideal for lumber production and specialty cuts, as discussed in this article.
  • Horizontal Bandsaw Mill: Suitable for cutting large logs into lumber with a horizontal blade orientation.
  • Circular Sawmill: Features a circular blade for efficient lumber production in larger-scale operations.
  • Chainsaw Mill: A portable option that attaches to a chainsaw, perfect for on-site lumber processing.
  • Swing Blade Sawmill: Allows the blade to pivot, making it suitable for cutting dimensional lumber and beams.
horizontal timber band saw
horizontal timber band saw

What Is a Vertical Band Saw Used For?

Vertical bandsaw mills are highly versatile and find application in various industries. They are used for:

Lumber Production: The primary application of vertical log band saw is cutting logs into lumber for construction, woodworking, and furniture making industries.

Resawing: The mill is efficient in resawing lumber into thinner planks, enhancing the utility of wood pieces.

Specialty Cuts: The adjustable cutting angles make it suitable for producing specialty cuts, such as bevels and curves, to meet specific design requirements.

wood mill
wood mill

What Is the Best Bandsaw Mill for the Money?

When it comes to choosing the best bandsaw mill for the money, several factors come into play. One should consider the mill’s cutting capacity, motor power, blade size, construction quality, and additional features such as adjustable blade speed and cutting angles. Shuliy’s Vertical Bandsaw Mill excels in all these aspects, providing excellent value for your investment with its exceptional performance and durability.

How to Use a Vertical Bandsaw Mill?

Operating a vertical bandsaw mill requires proper training and adherence to safety guidelines. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use a vertical bandsaw mill effectively.

Prepare the Machine

Ensure the bandsaw mill is properly set up, and the blade is tensioned correctly before starting.

Secure the Material

Position the log or wood piece securely on the saw’s working table, and adjust the cutting angle if needed.

Power On

Start the motor and adjust the blade speed based on the type of wood and desired cut.

Begin Cutting

Slowly feed the material into the blade, maintaining a steady pace to achieve smooth and accurate cuts.

Safety First

Wear appropriate safety gear, such as goggles and gloves, and avoid wearing loose clothing that might get caught in the blade.

the vertical band saw
the vertical band saw

Bandsaw Mill Tips and Tricks

To optimize the performance of your vertical bandsaw mill, consider the following tips and tricks:

Blade Maintenance: Regularly inspect and maintain the bandsaw blade to ensure sharpness and longevity.

Proper Blade Tension: Maintain the correct blade tension for efficient and accurate cutting.

Blade Selection: Use the appropriate blade for specific wood types and cutting requirements.

Cutting Speed: Adjust the blade speed based on the thickness and hardness of the wood being cut.

Alignment: Ensure the blade is correctly aligned to avoid uneven cuts and excessive blade wear.

vertical saw mill
vertical saw mill

The Vertical Bandsaw Mill is an indispensable tool in the wood processing industry, offering precision, efficiency, and versatility in cutting lumber and specialty wood products. If you are seeking a reliable manufacturer of wood processing machinery, Shuliy Charcoal&Wood Processing Machinery is your go-to solution.