Straw, being a very important resource, generates a lot of waste every year. The treatment and utilization of straw is already a big industry.

Rural straw resources are very rich, such as wheat straw, cotton stalks, hemp stalks, soybean stalks, corn stalks, and so on. Many people want to know whether corn stalks can be processed into charcoal. The answer is of course it can.

In the market, are more common is log charcoal, may many people have also seen the charcoal furnace. So, what kind of carbonization equipment is used for corn stalks? What is the use of the carbon processed from corn straw? Today Shuliy Charcoal and Wood Machinery to give you an introduction.

Straw carbonization can not be used in the traditional carbonization furnace. Using a traditional carbonization furnace to carbonize corn straw will have the disadvantages of low calorific value, low yield, and high energy consumption. So the result is no economic difference and no profit.

charcoal briquette made by corn straw
charcoal briquette made by corn straw

Advantages of Continuous Carbonization Furnace

Shuliy charcoal machinery’s continuous carbonization furnace is very advantageous in handling straw. It allows the user to get higher profit.

Before using a continuous charcoal furnace to carbonize corn straw, we need to crush the corn straw to less than 2cm first. Then the crushed corn stalks can be fed into the main carbonization furnace through the loading machine.

A continuous carbonization furnace is a horizontal structure, in the carbonization process is non-stop rotation. During the rotating process, the materials are tumbling in the carbonization furnace. This has the characteristics of even carbonization and fast carbonization speed. Generally speaking, it takes about 20 minutes for the straw to be carbonized from entering the carbonization furnace.

Once the material is carbonized, the charcoal can be discharged directly from the charcoal discharge device at the bottom of the furnace. This means that there is no need to stop and cool down. The Continuous Carbonizer allows the material to be fed and carbonized at the same time as it is being discharged. This is why continuous carbonization furnaces are energy-saving and production-efficient.

At the same time, the combustible gas that is always produced during the carbonization of corn straw is also collected and then sent as fuel to be burned in the furnace. When the carbonization starts for some time, no other fuel is needed to satisfy the heat supply. Therefore, the energy-saving of continuous carbonization furnaces is also not comparable with ordinary carbonization furnaces.

continuous carbonizing machine
continuous carbonizing machine

What Is the Use of Carbon Made from Corn Straw?

Corn straw is a kind of biomass, and the carbon made from corn straw belongs to biomass charcoal. Biomass charcoal has a wide range of uses. We can use it to produce charcoal-based fertilizer. Charcoal-based fertilizers can effectively improve the soil. At the same time, we can also process the carbon powder made from corn straw carbon through the coal bar machine molding machine to process carbon blocks or carbon rods and so on.