Automatic shrink wrap machine is a specialized industrial equipment designed to wrap charcoal briquettes, sawdust briquettes, pini kay, and honeycomb coal with a layer of heat-shrinkable plastic film. The charcoal briquette packing machine applies heat to the plastic film, causing it to shrink tightly around the item being packaged.

video of charcoal briquette packing machine

This process creates secure and protective packaging that conforms closely to the shape of the product. Automatic shrink wrap machines are commonly used across industries to provide tamper-evident packaging, protection against dust and moisture, and to enhance the visual appeal of products.

automatic shrink wrap machine
automatic shrink wrap machine

The Advantage of Heat Shrink Film Sawdust Briquette Packing Machine

  • Secure seal: The automatic shrink wrap machine can shrink the plastic film tightly over the surface of the product, creating a tight seal. This helps protect the product from outside contamination, moisture, and damage.
  • Anti-counterfeiting Protection: Shrink film is very difficult to remove once it has been applied to the product, thus providing a degree of protection against counterfeiting. This helps to ensure the integrity and authenticity of the product.
  • Adaptable: Heat shrink film is suitable for a wide range of product shapes and sizes. Whether it is a small part of a large item, the coal briquette packing machine can be adapted to package it.
  • Cost savings: Sawdust briquette packing machines can reduce labor costs and improve the consistency and efficiency of packaging compared to traditional manual packaging.
  • The charcoal briquette packing machine is the last machine in the charcoal briquette production line, sawdust briquette production line, and honeycomb coal production line.
packed pini kay briquettes
packed pini kay briquettes

Parameter of Charcoal Briquette Packing Machine

Packing speed15-30bags/min
Air pressure0.5MPA
Voltage220v, 50/60hz
Applicable shrink filmPOF/PE
parameter of automatic shrink wrap machine

Above are the technical parameters of the automatic shrink wrap machine. If you want to know more about this machine, welcome to contact us anytime.

shrink film packaging machine for sale
shrink film packaging machine for sale

How Does the Automatic Shrink Wrap Machine Work?


Under the guidance of our team of professionals, we begin by sorting and inspecting charcoal briquettes, honeycomb briquettes, and sawdust briquettes. This ensures that each product has a consistent size and quality during the packaging process.

Adjusting Machine Settings

Our hot air shrink wrap machine can be adjusted to the size and shape of the product. By setting the proper temperature, air speed, and time parameters, we can ensure that each package achieves optimal results.

Plastic Film Positioning

We load pre-selected heat shrink plastic films onto the machine’s film roll holder. These films are automatically rolled out from the reel and are precisely positioned around the product to be packaged by the machine’s guidance system.

Sealing and securing

Once the film is positioned around the product, the automatic shrink wrap machine seals the film at the opening. This helps to ensure that the product remains secure during the heating and shrinking process. 5. Hot Air Shrink: Next, the machine seals the product.

Hot Air Shrinkage

Next, we activate the shrink wrap system to direct the proper amount of hot air to the film. The temperature and distribution of the hot air are carefully controlled to ensure that the film shrinks uniformly over the appropriate period of time.

Packaging Completion

Under the action of hot air, the plastic film begins to shrink and conform to the product. Once the film is fully secured to the product surface, the auto shrink wrap machine discharges the packaged product through the exit.

packed sawdust briquette
packed sawdust briquette

Application Range of the Auto Shrink Wrap Machine

In addition to packing biomass charcoal briquettes in various shapes, this shrink film packaging machine can also be used to pack food and beverages, skin care products and cosmetics, cleaning agents, detergents, electronic products, industrial parts, toys, medical supplies, gifts, etc. Therefore, this shrink film packing machine can be used in a wide range of applications. If you are looking for a multifunctional automatic shrink wrap machine, marriage feel free to contact us.