The double roller wood debarker machine is a type of wood debarking equipment used to remove the bark from logs or tree trunks efficiently. It consists of rotating rollers equipped with debarking teeth. As the logs or tree trunks pass through the machine, the rotating rollers make contact with the bark and scrape it off the wood’s surface.

working video of a horizontal log peeling machine

The double roller log debarker machine is widely used in the forestry and wood processing industry due to its effectiveness and high production capacity. It can handle various sizes and types of wood, making it suitable for both small-scale and large-scale operations. The machine’s design may vary, and some models also come with additional features such as adjustable debarking depth, conveyor systems for feeding and removing the processed wood, and automated controls for efficient operation.

double roller wood debarker machine
double roller wood debarker machine

What Is the Feature of the Double Roller Wood/log Debarker Machine?

The double roller wood/log debarker machine boasts several remarkable features, making it a preferred choice for many in the industry. It offers high efficiency, increased productivity, and consistent performance. The machine’s adjustable debarking depth allows operators to tailor the process to specific wood types and requirements, ensuring optimal results.

log debarker
log debarker

The Benefits of Using a Double Roller Wood Debarker Machine

  • Increased efficiency: Double Roller wood/log debarker machine can process logs or tree trunks quickly, significantly improving the productivity of the wood processing operation.
  • Cost-effectiveness: By reducing the need for manual labor to debark the wood, the machine helps save on labor costs and improves overall processing efficiency.
  • Improved log quality: The debarking process ensures that the wood’s surface is clean and free from bark, allowing for better-quality lumber or wood products.
  • Reduced wear on cutting tools: Removing the bark before processing the wood helps prolong the lifespan of cutting tools, minimizing the need for frequent tool replacements.
industrial wood debarker
industrial wood debarker

Roller Wood Debarking Machine for Sale

SL-6m(single roller)3-7t/h6300mm1200mm1500mm7.5kw
SL-6m(double rollers)7-15t/h6300mm1310mm1550mm7.5±2kw
SL-9m(double rollers)15-25t/h9000mm1500mm1600mm7.5±2kw
SL-12m(double rollers)25-30t/h12600mm1550mm1650mm7.5±2kw
parameter of horizental wood debarker

These are the parameters of the horizontal wood debarker machine. Each machine has a different capacity (3-30t/h). With the help of this machine, you can debark a large amount of wood in a short time. If you want to know more information about this machine, please feel free to contact us.

Types of Wood Debarker Machine

Taizy Charcoal and Wood Machinery offers two main types of wood debarkers: the roller-type and vertical wood debarking machines. The double roller wood debarker is ideal for large-scale operations, while the vertical debarker is suitable for smaller batches and specialized applications. In addition, there are mechanical wood peelers on the market.

wood debarking machine
wood debarking machine
vertical log debarking machine
vertical log debarking machine

How Does a Double Roller Wood Debarker Machine Work?

The double roller wood debarker machine is a highly effective tool designed to strip bark from wood quickly and effortlessly. It employs a rotating drum with sharp teeth that make contact with the logs or tree trunks, scraping off the bark as they pass through. This wood peeling process ensures clean and debris-free wood surfaces, enhancing the quality of the final wood products.

double roller wood debarker
double roller wood debarker

The Use of Wood Debarker Machine

Wood debarking machines are essential in the forestry and wood processing sectors. They prepare logs and tree trunks for subsequent operations such as sawing, veneer peeling, or pulpwood processing. By removing the bark, these machines not only enhance wood quality but also reduce the risk of contamination and extend the life of cutting tools.


How to Use the Double Roller Wood Peeling Machine?

Using the double roller wood peeling machine is a straightforward process.

Starting the machine

Start the machine log peeling machine


Operators load the logs or tree trunks onto the machine’s feeding conveyor, which then guides them toward the rotating drum.


The machine’s double rollers will grip the log and gradually peel off the bark as it passes through the rollers.


As the wood makes contact with the debarking blades, the bark is stripped away, leaving behind clean and smooth wood surfaces ready for further processing.

What Is the Best Way to Debark Firewood?

For debarking firewood, a handheld or manual debarking tool is often used. These tools are simple yet effective. And it can easily strip the bark from small firewood pieces. However, for larger quantities and commercial applications, a double roller wood debarker machine proves to be the most efficient and practical choice.

What Is a Debarking Tool Called?

The handheld or manual tool used to debark small quantities of firewood is commonly known as a “bark spud” or “bark peeler.” It typically has a sharp, flat blade attached to a wooden or metal handle, allowing for easy removal of bark from logs and firewood.

What Machine Removes Bark from Wood?

The machine specifically designed to remove bark from wood is called a “wood debarker machine.” Shuliy Wood Machinery’s double roller wood debarking machine is a prime example of such equipment, effectively stripping bark from logs and tree trunks.

log debarker machine
log debarker machine

Why Do People Debark Trees?

Debarking trees serves multiple purposes. Firstly, it improves the quality of the wood, making it suitable for high-quality lumber and wood products. Secondly, debarking prevents contamination by removing pests, fungi, and disease-carrying elements present in the bark. Lastly, debarking reduces wear on cutting tools, leading to cost savings and longer tool life.


The double roller wood debarker machine of Shuliy Charcoal and Wood Machinery is a versatile and efficient tool in the wood processing industry. With its ability to remove bark effectively, this machine ensures the production of high-quality wood products. As a professional log debarker manufacturer, whether customers require a roller-type or vertical-type wood debarker machine, Shuliy Machinery can meet their diverse needs, providing top-notch solutions for the wood processing industry.