The shisha charcoal packing machine is a packaging equipment for the automatic packaging hookah charcoal. This machine is a pillow wrapper machine. The machine can pack hookah charcoal in various shapes and sizes. Our pillow packaging machine is also equipped with automatic feeding, automatic measuring, and automatic sealing.

The pillow packing machine for shisha charcoal has efficient packaging speed and precise packaging control, which can greatly improve production efficiency and maintain product consistency and attractive appearance.

machine for packing shisha charcoal

It can also adapt to different specifications and sizes of bags, so it is very suitable for various packaging needs.

With the increasing demand for shisha charcoal, manual packaging processes can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. Our Shisha Charcoal Packing Machine is a game-changer, offering automated excellence to optimize your production. This advanced machinery is designed with precision and simplicity in mind, ensuring efficient and consistent packaging results.

shisha charcoal packing machine
shisha charcoal packing machine

Features of Shuliy Shisha Charcoal Packing Machine

At Shuliy Wood&Charcoal Machinery, we take pride in the thoughtful engineering behind our Shisha Charcoal Packing Machine. Key features include:

  • PLC Intelligent Control System: Empowering you with easy operation and real-time adjustments.
  • Servo Motor System: Ensuring accurate and efficient execution of packaging tasks.
  • Independent Temperature PID Control: Perfect for various packaging materials, preserving freshness.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Making your packaging process a breeze with intuitive controls.
hookah charcoal packing
hookah charcoal packing
shisha charcoal packing process
shisha charcoal packing process

Technical Parameters of Shisha Charcoal Packing Machine

At the Shuliy Wood and Charcoal Machinery factory, we have many different models of charcoal packaging machines for sale. The following are the parameters of the three best-selling machines.

ModelPackaging speedProduct heightFilm widthBag lengthBag width
TH-250S60-330Package/minMax.35mmMax.180mm45 ~ 90mm30-80mm
shisha charcoal packaging machine
hookah charcoal packing machine for sale
hookah charcoal packing machine for sale

Structure of Hookah Charcoal Packing Machine

  • Feeding System: This is the part of the hookah charcoal packing machine where the shisha charcoal or hookah tobacco is loaded into the packaging process. It can include a hopper or conveyor belt to transfer the material to the weighing system.
  • Weighing System: The weighing system measures and controls the amount of shisha charcoal or hookah tobacco to be packed into each package. It ensures consistent and accurate filling.
  • Filling Mechanism: This component is responsible for transferring the measured shisha charcoal or hookah tobacco from the weighing system into the packaging material, such as bags or pouches.
  • Packaging Material Dispenser: The packaging material dispenser holds and supplies the packaging material, ensuring a continuous and smooth packaging process. It may handle different types of packaging materials, such as plastic bags or paper pouches.
  • Sealing System: The sealing system securely closes the packaging material, ensuring the shisha charcoal or hookah tobacco is properly sealed and protected during transportation and storage.
  • Control Panel and HMI (Human-Machine Interface): The control panel and HMI allow operators to set and adjust various packaging parameters, monitor the packaging process, and troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

Application of Shiliy Hookah Charcoal Packaging Machine

Our shisha charcoal packing machine can not only pack round hookah charcoal but also can pack square hookah charcoal. Below is the complete process of packing hookah charcoal with our pillow packing machine.

shisha charcoal packing process

Shuliy shisha charcoal packaging machine is an efficient equipment specially designed for the production and packaging of shisha charcoal. Its application range covers the packaging process of shisha charcoal, helping manufacturers achieve automatic, efficient, and accurate packaging in production.

Hookah charcoal production plant: Hookah charcoal packaging machine is widely used in hookah charcoal production lines. It can meet the needs of mass production, realize automatic packaging, and improve production efficiency.

Packing plants and processing centers: The hookah charcoal packaging machine can also be used in packing plants and processing centers to provide packaging services for hookah charcoal to other manufacturers. Such machines are usually flexible to accommodate bags of different specifications and sizes. It can also meet diverse customer needs.

Export and International Markets: For exporters and manufacturers entering international markets, a hookah charcoal packaging machine is an essential tool. It can ensure the consistency and professionalism of product packaging and meet the packaging standards and requirements of different countries and regions.

packaged shisha charcoal
packaged shisha charcoal

What Is the Price of Hookah Charcoal Packing Equipment?

The price of a hookah charcoal packing machine can vary widely depending on several factors, including the machine’s model, capacity, features, and the supplier or manufacturer.

To get the most accurate and up-to-date information on the price of a hookah packing machine, I recommend reaching out to different Shisha charcoal packing machinery manufacturers directly. We can provide you with a detailed quotation based on your specific requirements and needs.

Keep in mind that investing in a high-quality packing machine can be beneficial in the long run, as it can improve efficiency, reduce labor costs, and enhance the overall packaging process. Therefore, it’s essential to consider the features and capabilities of the machine in addition to its price when making a purchasing decision.

shisha charcoal bagging machine in shisha production plant
shisha charcoal bagging machine in the shisha production plant

At Shuliy Wood&Charcoal Machinery, we are dedicated to providing the best solutions for your shisha charcoal packaging needs. Our Shisha Charcoal Packing Machine is engineered to optimize your production process, offering reliability, speed, and precision. If you need a top-notch shisha charcoal packing machine, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to empower your business with cutting-edge technology and personalized support.