In May 2021, a state-of-the-art, high-quality shisha charcoal press machine was successfully shipped to Nigeria, bringing a huge technological upgrade to a local producer of shisha charcoal. As a professional manufacturer of charcoal machines, we provided a customized solution for this Nigerian customer. We have also met their demand for the production of sooty charcoal and injected new vitality into the growth of their business.

Why Do Customers Buy Shisha Charcoal Press Machine?

The Nigerian customer is a well-established manufacturer of hookah charcoal, with a wealth of experience and reputation in the field. However, the old machines they were using had limited their capacity and product quality. After speaking with our team of professionals, the customer made it clear that they wanted to replace their machine with a new shisha charcoal machine capable of making round hookah charcoal in order to improve productivity and product consistency.

round shisha charcoal
round shisha charcoal

Parameter of High Quality Hookah Charcoal Making Machne

Based on the customer’s requirements, we recommended a shisha charcoal press machine that meets their needs and has excellent performance and technical parameters to ensure an efficient production process and excellent quality of hookah charcoal. The technical parameters of the shisha charcoal briquette machine are as follows:

Power7.5 kW
Production capacity17 pieces per time,20times per minute, 200kg per hour
Pressure25 tons per pass
Weight1700 kg

Why Do Customers Choose Us?

For this Nigerian customer, the superiority of the technical parameters was one of the key reasons why they chose us. However, in international business, currency exchange rate fluctuations are often a major challenge to trading. To solve this problem, we offer our customers a naira account, which allows them to pay directly in naira without worrying about fluctuating currency exchange rates. This not only provides convenience to our clients but also further strengthens our relationship with them.

Since installing the new shisha charcoal press machine, this Nigerian producer of hookah charcoal has seen a significant increase in business. The new machine’s high production efficiency has enabled them to meet market demand more quickly while maintaining the consistent quality of their charcoal. As a result, the customer has gained more market share and business opportunities.

shisha charcoal press machine shipped to nigeria
shisha charcoal press machine shipped to nigeria

All in all, this Nigerian customer case demonstrates the advantages of having Shuliy Charcoal&Wood Machinery as a reliable partner. Our high-quality shisha charcoal machine not only meets the customer’s needs but also supports them in all aspects of technology and service. By solving difficult problems such as currency exchange rates, we have further strengthened our relationship with our customers and provided them with solid support to succeed in a competitive market. In the future, we will continue to innovate and provide more efficient and reliable solutions to our global customers.