In the heart of the Philippine archipelago, a story of success and partnership unfolded in May of 2023. A dedicated entrepreneur, with a vision to revolutionize the charcoal industry in his region, made a pivotal decision. He chose Shuliy Charcoal Machinery as his preferred partner, ordering a state-of-the-art SL-300 charcoal briquettes machine.

charcoal briquettes machine shipped to Philippines
charcoal briquettes machine shipped to the Philippines

Machine Specification of Shuliy Charcoal Briquettes Machine

The SL-300 model, with its impressive specifications, is a testament to Shuliy’s commitment to innovation and quality. Boasting a production capacity of 5-6 tons per hour, this charcoal briquettes machine weighs in at 4.5 tons and is powered by a robust 90 kW motor.

With a rotation rate of 132 rpm, it ensures efficient and consistent production. Its dimensions, 3605×1025×955 mm, allow for easy installation and operation, making it an ideal choice for both small-scale and large-scale operations.

Client’s Motivation: Quality, Efficiency, and Sustainability

But what drew our Filipino client to this particular model? It was the charcoal briquette making machine‘s unique combination of efficiency, durability, and ease of use. The SL-300 not only produces high-quality charcoal briquettes but also does so with minimal waste and maximum yield.

This was exactly what our client was looking for, as he aimed to meet the rising demand for sustainable and eco-friendly fuel sources in his community.

briquettes machine shipped to Philippines
briquettes machine shipped to Philippines

After-Sales Support: Ensuring Client Satisfaction

Our commitment to exceptional customer service didn’t end there. Shuliy’s team provided comprehensive after-sales support, addressing any concerns or issues the client may have had. This reassured our client that he had made the right choice, and his faith in our product was soon vindicated.

Client Feedback: The Charcoal Briquette Molder That Delivered

Upon receiving the SL-300, our client was delighted with its performance. The charcoal briquette molder worked exactly as promised, delivering consistent results that far exceeded his expectations. The work efficiency and quality of the charcoal briquettes it produced were exactly what he had been looking for.

charcoal briquette
charcoal briquette

A Partnership for Success

This success story is not just about a machine or a sale; it’s about a partnership, a shared vision, and a commitment to excellence. The SL-300 charcoal briquettes machine, sold to a proud customer in the Philippines, is a testament to Shuliy’s dedication to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction.

As we continue to serve clients around the world, we remain confident that the SL-300 and our other charcoal machinery products will continue to set new standards in the industry. After all, at Shuliy Charcoal Machinery, we believe that every successful partnership leads to a brighter future for us all.