Shuliy wood shaving machine is a mechanical device designed to transform wood logs, branches, or other wood waste into thin shavings or chips. The machine typically consists of a large rotating drum or disk with sharp blades or knives attached to it. When wood is fed into the machine, the rotating blades cut and shave the wood, producing thin shavings or chips as the output.

log shavings mill video

These shavings can be used for various purposes, such as animal bedding(horse, chicken, hamster, etc), biomass fuel, or as raw material for the production of composite wood products like particleboard or MDF (medium-density fiberboard). Therefore, it is widely used in woodworking, forestry, and the wood processing industry.

wood shaver machine for horse bedding
wood shaver machine for horse bedding

What Are the Advantages of Shuliy Wood Shaving Mill?

  1. High Efficiency: Shuliy wood shaving mills are designed for optimal performance, ensuring a high production rate of quality wood shavings.
  2. Versatility: These machines can process various types of wood, including logs, branches, and waste material, providing versatility in raw material selection.
  3. Adjustable Output: Shuliy machines offer adjustable settings, allowing you to control the thickness and size of the wood shavings according to your specific requirements.
  4. Easy Operation and Maintenance: Shuliy wood shaver machines are user-friendly and require minimal maintenance, ensuring smooth operation and longevity.
wood shavings machine
wood shavings machine

Wood Shaving Machine for Sale

ModelCapacity(kg/h)Input size(cm)Power(kw)
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At Shuliy Charcoal and Wood Machinery Factory, we have many styles of wood shaving machines for sale. You can choose according to your needs. In addition to this machine, we also have a wide range of wood processing machines for sale such as wood hammer mill machines, log peeling machines, and wood chips making machines. If you have other special needs, please feel free to contact us, and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

wood shaving machine for sale
wood shaving machine for sale

How Does a Wood Shaving Machine Work?

A wood shaving machine operates on a simple yet efficient mechanism. The machine consists of a large rotating drum or disk fitted with sharp blades or knives. When wood logs or waste material are fed into the machine, the rotating blades swiftly cut and shave the wood, transforming it into thin shavings or chips. This process is repeated continuously, ensuring a steady supply of wood shavings.

Application Range of Wood Shaver Machine

Wood shavings produced by wood shaver machines have a wide range of applications:

  • Animal Bedding: Wood shavings serve as excellent bedding material for livestock, poultry, and pets due to their absorbent and comfortable properties. You can use this wood shaving machine for horse bedding, chicken bedding, etc.
  • Biomass Fuel: Wood shavings can be used as a renewable energy source, providing heat and energy in biomass boilers and other combustion systems.
  • Composite Wood Products: Wood shavings are essential raw materials for the production of composite wood products like particleboard and MDF.
  • Packaging Material: The lightweight and cushioning properties of wood shavings make them suitable for packaging fragile items.
wood shaving for animal bedding
wood shaving for animal bedding

Cost of Wood Shavings Machine

The cost of a wood shaving machine varies depending on several factors such as size, capacity, features, and brand. Entry-level or smaller machines may range from $600 to $1000, while larger industrial-grade machines can cost several thousand dollars. It is essential to consider your specific needs and budget while evaluating the cost-effectiveness of different options. If you want to know the price of wood shaving machine, please contact us.

animal bedding
animal bedding

How to Find a Reliable Wood Shaving Machine Manufacturer?

Finding a reputable wood shaving machine manufacturer is crucial to ensure a high quality and durable product. Here are some steps to guide your search:

Research and Compare

Conduct thorough online research to identify reputable manufacturers. Compare their product offerings, customer reviews, and certifications.

Reach out for Recommendations

Seek recommendations from industry experts, colleagues, or online forums to gather insights and experiences with different manufacturers.

Evaluate Quality and Service

Look for woof processing machine manufacturers that prioritize quality construction, provide warranty options, and offer reliable after-sales support.

Request Quotations

Contact shortlisted manufacturers and request detailed quotations, including specifications, prices, and delivery timelines.

wood shaving machine
wood shaving machine

Are Wood Shavings Good for Mulch?

Yes, wood shavings can serve as an excellent mulching material. They help retain soil moisture, regulate soil temperature, suppress weed growth, and provide organic matter as they decompose. However, it is essential to ensure that the wood shavings used for mulch are free from chemicals, untreated, and sourced from non-toxic wood species.

wood shavings
wood shavings

Are Wood Shavings Good for Gardens?

Wood shavings can be beneficial for gardens, particularly as mulch. They create a protective layer that conserves moisture, prevents soil erosion, and reduces weed growth. Additionally, as wood shavings break down, they contribute organic matter to the soil, enhancing its fertility and structure. However, it is crucial to balance the use of wood shavings with other organic amendments to maintain nutrient diversity in the soil.

Wood shaving machines play a vital role in the woodworking industry, offering efficiency, versatility, and various applications. If you need a high quality wood shaving machine, please feel free to contact us.