Shuliy horizontal charcoal furnace is an ideal choice for charcoal producers because of its high efficiency, environmental protection, and easy operation. Whether it is wood, coconut shell, straw or sawdust, the horizontal charcoal furnace can achieve high quality charring process.

In addition, the equipment is equipped with an advanced heat recovery and flue gas purification system, which not only saves energy but also reduces environmental pollution.

carbonisation furnace working video

In our company, in addition to the horizontal carbonization furnace, there are also hoisting carbonization furnaces and continuous carbonization furnaces for sale.

What Are the Advantages of the Horizontal Carbonization Furnace?

  • Uniform heating: The material can be evenly distributed and heated in the horizontal carbonization furnace. This ensures an even charring process and consistent quality of charred products.
  • Automatic control: The advanced automatic control system can precisely control the charring temperature and time.
  • Heat Recovery System: The horizontal carbonization furnace is equipped with a heat recovery system. This can effectively utilize the heat generated during the charring process and reduce energy consumption.
  • Flue gas purification system: Equipped with an efficient flue gas purification device, it can effectively deal with the waste gas generated during the charring process.
Customized carbonization furnace
Customized carbonization furnace

Horizontal Carbonation Machine for Sale

ModelCapacityWeight (kg)Size (m)
SL-1300  900-1200kg/12-14H25003×1.7×2.2
SL-1500 1500-2000kg/12-14H40004.5×1.9×2.3
SL-1900  2500-3000kg/12-14H55005×2.3×2.5
parameter of carbonisation furnace

Above are the parameters of the three horizontal carbonization furnaces. You can know the output, weight, and size of these three machines from them. If you want to know more details about this machine, please feel free to contact us.

carbonation machine for sale
carbonation machine for sale

How Does the Horizontal Charcoal Furnace Work?

The horizontal charcoal furnace operates on the principle of pyrolysis, which involves the controlled burning of organic material in the absence of oxygen. This furnace design allows for easy loading and unloading of wood or organic material from the side, ensuring a continuous carbonization process. By precisely controlling the airflow, combustion takes place in a limited oxygen environment, resulting in the production of high-quality charcoal.

shuliy horizontal carbonization furnace
Shuliy horizontal carbonization furnace

Design Details of the Horizontal Charcoal Furnace

The design of the horizontal charcoal furnace includes several key elements to optimize its performance. It comprises a robust metal chamber, capable of withstanding the high temperatures required for the pyrolysis process.

The furnace is equipped with adjustable airflow mechanisms, such as vents and dampers, to regulate the oxygen supply. Furthermore, an exhaust system ensures the removal of volatile compounds and gases, contributing to a cleaner and more efficient carbonization process.

carbonization process
carbonization process

Carbonization Process in the Horizontal Carbonization Furnace

Once the organic material is loaded into the furnace, it undergoes a series of transformations during the carbonization process. As the temperature increases, volatile compounds, such as water and gases, are released. The remaining carbon-rich material gradually transforms into charcoal. The horizontal orientation of the furnace facilitates an even distribution of heat, ensuring uniform carbonization and optimal charcoal quality.

charcoal production effect with the furnace
charcoal production effect with the furnace

Application Range of the Horizontal Charcoal Furnace

The versatility of the horizontal charcoal furnace makes it suitable for a wide range of applications. It finds extensive use in industries such as metallurgy, agriculture, and food processing. Additionally, it caters to small-scale producers, artisanal charcoal makers, and even households looking for a reliable and eco-friendly fuel source.

charcoal made by charcoal furnace
charcoal made by a charcoal furnace

What Is the Temperature of the Horizontal Charcoal Furnace?

The temperature inside a horizontal charcoal furnace typically ranges between 400°C and 600°C during the carbonization process. This temperature range ensures efficient pyrolysis while avoiding excessive burning or degradation of the organic material, resulting in high-quality charcoal.

The horizontal charcoal furnace represents an innovative and efficient solution for charcoal production. Its unique design, versatile applications, and environmentally friendly features make it a popular choice for various industries and producers worldwide. If you need this machine, please feel free to contact Shuliy Charcoal Machinery.